High Level Cleaning

How high is high? Pretty low actually, when it comes to cleaning. Stick your hands above your head and you will have a good idea of the level at which most companies call in the specialists.

Ever more rigorous Health & Safety legislation means many businesses now call in experts to clean if their staff have to stand on anything higher than a set of small steps. Safety harnesses are now mandatory when carrying out high level cleaning at anything above two metres – but above that there is, metaphorically, no ceiling.

For example, in the food industry, which is one of the areas in which we offer specialist high level cleaning, there are potentially serious issues with dust and product debris building up on undisturbed ledges, which can lead to an almost perfect environment for pest infestations to develop.


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At SMC we understand that high level cleaning requires careful pre-planning and risk assessment. We have the skills and resources to offer the best possible methods for whatever high level cleaning requirement you may have, whether it may include a hydraulic lift, scaffold platform, or specialised laddering system.

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The Process

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