Secure Shredding & Confidential Waste Management

Shredding the right information, at the right time, and in the right way, not only makes good business sense but in some cases it is part of a legal compliance requirement. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a “duty of care” on anyone who produces, collects, treats and disposes of waste. This includes confidential waste and paper.

During the normal course of business, a vast amount of confidential and sensitive information is collected and stored. Additionally, every company has a large volume of proprietary information, which needs to be safeguarded. This includes financial information, strategic plans, human resources and payroll records, customer records and databases.

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The Process

  • What regulations affect my business?
    Several regulations govern the protection of private information. These drive the need for reliable secure shredding. The key legislation in the UK is the Data Protection Act 1998, and for public organisations the Freedom of information Act 2000. Other legislative and international standards (such as the FSA and the recent international records management standards ISO 15489) direct organisations to ensure that proper disposal is an essential part of their records management.

  • What shredding service options are available?

    Onsite shredding
    This is a premium service designed for organisations requiring immediate and witnessed destruction of confidential materials on their premises. This service is typically required for destruction of copyrighted, royalty-based, or other highly sensitive materials.

    Offsite Shredding 
    For organisations which require ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive materials, we offer secure, off-site shredding services. Our strict best practices ensure a closed and consistent chain of custody, resulting in a tightly controlled, documented process. As part of our off-site shredding service, SMC offer secure containers in appropriate locations on your premises.

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