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SMC Premier Group are one of the leading air conditioning solutions companies in the UK. We specialise in the design, installation, maintenance (including TM44 & F-Gas inspection) of air conditioning systems of any size from split units to full VRF/ VRV systems. We can root cause issues, repair, maintain or refurbish existing systems or design and install new systems to optimise efficiency, effectiveness and suit the application required. Our approach is to deliver service excellence by innovative, sustainable and value adding solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with highly energy efficient, compliant, safe,  cost effective and reliable air conditioning systems which delivers your desired and comfortable room temperature for your occupants or IT servers at the lowest cost and reduces your carbon footprint. 


Our team covers the whole of the UK so whether you have a single property or have multiple properties regionally or nationally we will be able to support you. 

Air Conditioning Design, Installation, Maintenance & Management Partner

At SMC Premier Group, we understand just how important it is to get your air conditioning and internal filtration systems right from the start. Whether that’s large commercial buildings or smaller private entities, it’s never been more important to implement a modern solution which provides the desired comfortable temperature but also optimises efficiency, saves costs and reduces your carbon footprint 

We have links to all the major manufacturers and the equipment we select is environmentally and ozone friendly, reliable, fit for purpose and highly efficient. Our competence allows you to be assured that we will be thorough in our approach and select the right design solution and equipment for your application, the right service and maintenance package and include any further opportunities from the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme or Manufacturers Extended Warranties.   

Compliance to legislation and best practice  is an essential part of any asset lifecycle. There are 4 main concerns with the air conditioning installations which we can ensure your system and your ongoing maintenance and management is aligned to.

1. F-GAS Regulations (EC) 517/2014

Equipment that use or contain Fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases also known as HCFC, HFC or CFC) are subject to EU Legislation in order to limit the use and release of these ozone depleting gases which are harmful to our environment at a global level (due to Brexit the UK has formed its own F-Gas Legislation – Find Out More). These gases have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of up to 23,000 times greater than Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and hence these gases are the focus of tighter controls. 

 Almost all refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps contain these F-Gases. 

The basic main requirements of the legislation is to: – 

Use competent technicians

ie F-Gas Registered

Leak Testing

Ensure all equipment containing F- Gases are checked for leaks

Maximum interval between checksCO2 Tonnes
1 year (or 2 yrs with leak detection installed)5
6 months (or 1 year with leak detection installed)50
3 months (or 6 months with leak detection installed)500

Record Keeping

Operators of stationary systems containing F-Gases of the equivalent of 5 Tonnes of CO2 or more must maintain records of the quantity and type of the F-Gas installed, added or recovered, Identification of the company/ technician carrying out work on the equipment and the dates and results of any leak tests. This forms the on site F-Gas logbook. 


The label on the system must contain at least the type and quantity of the F-Gas in the equipment.

2. TM44 Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems in Buildings

 This regulation has formed part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and requires building owners and managers in England and Wales with control of air conditioning systems with a cooling capacity (effective rated output)  of over 12kW to arrange inspection of their systems by an independent energy assessor. The inspection includes an assessment of the system’s efficiency, a review of sizing and advice on efficiency, improvements, replacements or alternative solutions. The TM44 Inspections are required at 5 year intervals.

3. Legionella

The legislation surrounding the control of legionella is the Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems Approved Code of Practice L8. All hot and cold water systems (which include some types of water cooled air conditioning systems and cooling towers) have the legionella bacteria present within them. If the conditions are right (temperature, flow and slime conditions), the bacteria can multiply and when atomised can be inhaled by people which could then cause legionnaires’ disease.  All employers or those in control of premises have a duty to ensure their premises are safe to use under the Health & Safety at Work Act, and Workplace Regulations. This duty includes the control of Legionella bacteria under the Approved Code of Practice, L8. The basic requirements for employers are to identify and assess the sources of risk, prepare a scheme for preventing/ controlling the risks identified, implement change, nominate a ‘responsible person’, and keep records. 

4. Coronavirus Covid-19

A new threat for 2020. According to the latest Government advice, the risk of air conditioning spreading the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the workplace is extremely low as long as there is adequate supply of fresh air and ventilation. Workplaces can continue to use most types of air conditioning systems as normal except for centralised ventilation systems that remove and circulate air to different rooms – these systems need to be set to take fresh air intake rather than recirculation.

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