Health & Safety

Health & Safety Management Policy 

It is the Policy SMC Premier Group Limited (thereafter known as the Company) to comply with the  Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and all associated enabling legislation by taking all the necessary  measures to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees and third parties who may be  affected by the company’s activities. It is the Company policy to provide adequate resources and  funding, and to employ competent persons to meet the Company commitment to health & safety.  All levels of management will actively promote and support this health & safety policy to ensure  effective organisation and arrangements for its implementation. 

The Company recognises the responsibilities as an employer to undertake all that is reasonably  practicable to:  

  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment for employees without risk to health. Ensure plant and equipment provided is safe to use and ensure safe systems of operation  are provided. 
  • Ensure all articles and substances have been assessed prior to use, stored, and used safely. Ensure the co-operation and co-ordination with other employees, contractors and the self employed. 
  • Plan all work to ensure that Company work sites and activities are adequately prepared and  resourced.  
  • Provide adequate safety information, supervision, and training. 
  • Provide suitable and sufficient welfare facilities. 
  • Monitor and regularly review the performance of activities against this policy. Appoint employees with due regard for their capabilities to carry out the work. Ensure all Company employees fully cooperate and support this policy. 
  • Consult with employees on the health, safety, and welfare matters. 
  • Seek external health & safety advice as necessary, to enable the Company to comply with  statutory legislation. 
  • Give due consideration to any adverse impact of the Company’s activities on the  environment. 
  • Review the effectiveness of this Policy at least every 12 months, or on when significant  change of our activities or new/ amended legislation must be considered. 


Oliver Byrne

Managing Director  

Reviewed: 6th July 2023