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We’re SMC Premier.

The Manchester Cleaning Agency

On the lookout for Manchester-based cleaning services with an agency you can trust?

At SMC premier, we deliver contracted cleaning services to businesses of all sizes, across a variety of sectors and establishments.

Many growing business owners struggle to find a commercial cleaning company or team of cleaning staff to regularly rely on, often having to jump between providers before finding a team that works. Our approach at SMC Premier is to become fully integrated with your business, from an initial meeting and site audit, right down to the specific cleaning tasks, safety briefings and aftercare involved in delivering a full-service cleaning package.

Whether you’re a Manchester-based business owner, to an office manager in Chester or a start-up company in Liverpool, if you’re looking to outsource your cleaning needs we have the team to deliver, every time.

What to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company

The success of any cleaning company lies in its willingness to understand the exact needs of your business. With extensive experience in servicing businesses in all sectors, the SMC premier team understand that the planning, timing, and strategic direction of any cleaning contract plays as much of a role in any successful cleaning arrangement as the physical process of cleaning.

From logistics companies and factories requiring a full health and safety briefing and strict time management, to schools and educational institutions with rigid schedules in need of a fully managed cleaning and caretaking service, the professional cleaning staff at SMC premier have the experience and expertise to get the job done to your exact standard.

Why Choose SMC Premier?

Our team of professional cleaning staff come from a variety of cleaning and commercial management backgrounds, meaning that if you have specific cleaning needs for your business, we have the team to deliver.

As a family-run business, we give each and every client the care and attention they deserve. We understand that as a business owner your time is precious, which is why we take the planning and strategic direction of professional cleaning out of your hands, and over to our capable team. When it comes to hiring a cleaning agency in the North West, our team are the premier solution.

We’re SMC Premier.

The Manchester Cleaning Agency

At SMC Premier Cleaning, we’ve been in the business of bespoke contract cleaning services for decades. Whether that’s scalable commercial cleaning solutions for offices, or companies choosing us based on our agency model of cleaning (enabling us to scale based on the needs of a company e.g. a growing office size), there isn’t much that we haven’t experienced in the world of cleaning contracts!

We’re also proud to be industry-leading in our quest for data and driving the cleaning sector forward, such as our office hygiene study which unearthed some shocking data related to cleanliness in the workplace. It was after the release of this data that we saw many business owners reach out to our team to request bespoke cleaning agency services… nothing like a bit of shock statistics to prompt a deep clean!

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