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Whether your office is in need of a spring clean and the job is simply too large of an undertaking for your staff, or you’re simply too busy to spend the day cleaning and want to rely on a team of Manchester cleaning professionals to get the job done for you, our experienced staff at SMC Premier will be more than happy to help.

Read on to discover why businesses across the North West are relying on SMC Premier’s deep-cleaning services, what a clean office means for your business, and the various services we provide to businesses across Manchester and beyond.

Keeping your office clean has now never been more important, particularly with the spread of Coronavirus and the risks to health of business owners and staff. Many of our clients both new and existing are booking office deep cleans with our team prior to the government allowing all businesses and office staff to go back to work.

If you would like to book in a deep clean with our team for your workplace at your earliest convenience, speak to a member of our knowledgable staff today on 0161 282 6444.

Choosing a Deep-Clean Package

From clearing debris and tidying after an event at your workspace, to providing ongoing cleaning management for your office to ensure it stays clean, our team at SMC Premier can provide tailored cleaning services to your exact specifications.  Our deep-clean packages include surface cleaning, hovering, dusting, waste removal, advice on how to maintain a clean and tidy workspace and much more.

With the amount of experience our diverse team of professional cleaners have, we know that we can tailor a solution to exactly what your office or business requires.

Deep Cleaning Services​

Why Deep-Clean My Office?

A deep-clean breathes a new lease of life into your office or workplace, whether that’s in an office block, a shared office space, or even an industrial environment. Studies show that keeping a clean workspace is proven to boost creativity and morale for staff, with office spaces in particular being a notorious breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Even the workers themselves can add to the grime, with our recent study and survey showing some surprising figures!

A clean workspace also helps to boost perceptions of your business, particularly for visiting customers and clients who expect to see a clean working environment.

It’s no secret that the world of work with never be the same again in the post-COVID world, and being on top of not only your workplace cleaning but actual managed deep cleaning is going to be a priority for many office workers and their staff. 

Recent surveys have also outlined that staff returning to work will feel safer if they know their employer is keeping up to date with regular deep cleaning, and not just a once-over each month to keep on top of things. Fogging, decontamination and a managed approach to deep cleaning is already becoming the norm. Contact our team at SMC Premier to see exactly how we provide these services to offices of all sizes across Manchester. 

Coronavirus – Office Deep-Cleaning

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), many business owners are starting to worry about the implications of having a shared workspace or office with many members of staff, and how this can relate to the spread of the virus. There are ways to mitigate the spread of the virus which we’ve outlined in our office virus reduction guide, however one of the more immediate actions is to book in a deep clean for your office.

The deep cleaning of your office in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus involves members of our team performing the specialist cleaning services we’re known for. This includes utilising the correct, strong cleaning agents to completely wipe-down all surfaces and shared office areas, going as far as options to deep-clean carpets and entrance areas so that neither you or your team are taking any chances in spreading the virus around the workplace.

The deep cleaning packages we offer for workplaces are fully bespoke, including just a few of the following tasks:

SMC Premier Manchester

Our range of cleaning services do not stop at deep-cleans. From working with schools and educational institutions to provide regimented cleaning processes around strict teaching schedules, to providing clinic and industrial workspaces regular cleaning and facility management services from our team of qualified experts, we have the years of experience and knowledgeable staff necessary to carry out the cleaning tasks you’re searching for.

From planning deep cleans with your internal staff to reduce disruption, to helping you understand the equipment and requirements for what makes a clean be classed as ‘deep’ (and the core differences between a deep and a standard clean), we’re the team to guide you through your requirements. 

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