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Cleaning Services For Coronavirus & Virus Decontamination

We’re living in unprecedented times, and this is certainly true for businesses of all kinds and sizes across the UK. In Manchester and the North West, our team at SMC Premier have been providing both our regular clients and may new ones with decontamination cleaning services to alleviate worry and effectively combat the spread of the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.

For years, we’ve been providing specialist deep-cleaning services to businesses across the North West, which fortunately means that during this time as the country battles the spread of the coronavirus, we already have the processes, staff and equipment in place to provide the types of deep cleans that are effective in battling the virus.

Following substantial investment in specialist cleaning tools, cleaning agents, and the extended training for members of our team, we’ve been able to put together a decontamination package that not only vastly reduces the spread of viruses, but also ensures that our own members of staff and yours can work in a safe and throughly clean environment.

With many office blocks and businesses being forced to switch to a remote model, now is the ideal time to book this kind of service, prior to your staff members or occupants moving back into the building. This will not only alleviate any concerns you may have, but will also make the decontamination process more efficient for our staff as they will not have internal interruptions throughout the clean.

What does the decontamination cleaning process involve?

It’s easy to assume that this very specialised service is more of a ‘one size fits all’ type of package, but this could not be further from the truth. The below points are just a few of the steps in our approach to putting together a bespoke deep clean for your specific business location:

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that at this time, you as a business owner or member of staff within a busy building may have a lot of questions related to just how effective specialist decontamination cleaning services are. And, we completely understand. The questions below are the most common we’ve been asked recently, and if you have any questions which have not been addressed please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly.

The cleaning agents we use for this surface are incredibly strong, and diluted to a level that ensures they’re not damaging to surfaces or or anyone who comes into contact with them. This being said, they’re still strong agents and we ensure our staff members wear the appropriate safety gear when handling such strong cleaning materials.

Whilst it is generally safe, we would highly recommend that any business owners who have been forced to work from home take advantage of their quiet business location and book our team in before staff return. This will make the job more efficient for our team and safer for your staff who will be much less likely to come into contact with our cleaning agents, and any surfaces prior to decontamination.

According to a very recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine, the virus can live in cardboard up to 24 hours and on steel or plastic surfaces for up and above 72 hours. This is again why we urge business owners with empty premises to work with our team at this current time, as this ensures no staff members are going back to work and potentially touching or interacting with surfaces which could still be contaminated by the coronavirus.

Our processes reduce virus spread on surfaces and leave less than 0.1% of any initial strains present. The cleaning agents and processes we have in place ensure that no corners are cut or missed in the specific cleaning strategies our team are trained to provide.

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