Case Study – State School

Case study:  Caretaking and Cleaning services; Medium sized state primary school.

The problems

Our initial conversations with the school Bursar identified key issues of concern to the school as:

The existing Site Manager had no maintenance skills and was in effect, a very expensive key holder and cleaner.   Routine maintenance jobs were being outsourced to a number of local suppliers, more technical tasks such as Legionella testing and health & safety checks were being done by a specialist company, and the School was also paying a separate company to provide cover for out of hours emergencies.  All in all an expensive set of services.

Our Solutions

We employed a part time handyman to carry out maintenance, painting and repairs on a forth bridge basis.  We redeployed caretaker to cover cleaning and site security tasks and provided him with training to enable him to complete all fire/legionella/health and safety checks etc.  We created a structured schedule of daily/weekly/less frequent tasks to ensure the role met the day to day needs of the school, added value to our service package and was flexible enough to evolve to meet the changing environment within the school. Finally we provided the out of hours support the school required through our helpdesk and mobile support teams.


The result

Overall we constructed a package of services including the daily cleaning service and all the site management duties, which provided our clients with a greatly improved and more responsive service and also provided significantly reduced costs.