Why is Facilities Management important?

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities Management may be a term we often hear, but what does it actually mean? In short, a Facilities Management (or FM) team provides the professional management service focusing on providing effective and efficient complementary services to the company that it serves. This may sound like a very broad definition – a bit of a handful, but that’s because it is. FM encompasses a very wide variety of client needs, from maintaining the air conditioning and lifts to providing ink and paper for printers.

FM also covers non-mechanical elements of the process, including cleaning services, security, and concierge. In short, a good facilities management firm can take care of every aspect involved with the running of a work environment, short of the specialised business role the specifically trained employees carry out themselves. 

FM services can be required by an incredibly broad variety of sectors, from office-based service providers to product manufacturers. If a business has a physical premise, that premise and the people who work there will need caring for and keeping safe, a role Facilities Management teams are specifically adapted to take charge of.

The overarching goal of all these considerations is simple: to provide an environment as conducive as possible to employee comfort, safety and productivity. A strong company culture will not only attract the greatest talent, but will retain those employees, helping a business grow from strength to strength.


Why is it important?

Without an effective Facilities Management team, a business will often find itself diverting focus and energy into maintaining their building and facilities. It’s surprising how often things go ‘wrong’ in large premises, but from lifts breaking down to leaks in the roof – if it can break, it probably will at some point. Having to outsource contractors each time something like this occurs is not only potentially costly, but it diverts attention from the important primary matters of business. 

A good FM team will also provide and maintain a slick and respectable premise for clients to admire when they visit. The image a business puts out through its offices should not be underestimated; a run-down building with chipped paintwork and broken lights does not inspire confidence. First impressions are not to be overlooked when it comes to the physical location of any business.

Not only that, a run-down building with at best merely acceptable facilities doesn’t inspire its occupants to work hard; people work hardest when they’re rejuvenated and motivated, after a holiday for example. The environment they spent most of their waking time in – the workplace – greatly influences this motivation. 

In the current climate, with the threat of Coronavirus, a proficient FM team is especially important to maintain a safe working environment. Through reactive measures such as cleaning and sanitisation, and proactive measures such as partitioning office spaces and enabling social distancing, good facilities management support can help keep the office a safe and motivating place for employees and clients alike.


Why would a business want to hire a Facilities Management team?

Hiring a facilities management team ensures that a business can focus on providing the specialised service they offer, allowing that business to concentrate on what matters – focussing on their clients. A good FM team will allow businesses to run their operations smoothly and efficiently, without the distractions which spring up along the way.

Superior FM support can be one of the simplest and most efficient ways to cut costs. When regular maintenance is carried out, significant repair costs can be kept at an absolute minimum. A small roof leak for example, if nipped in the bud, can avoid the need for a complete rebuild if timbres become sodden and rotten. Costs are also cut through boosted efficiency – simple things like running out of printer ink can waste valuable employee time, delaying simple tasks. When these seemingly insignificant issues are compounded, the effect on overall company efficiency can take a significant hit. 

FM teams also take care of compliance with regulations and surrounding issues. Ordinarily these cover typical health and safety concerns, such as fire safety and electrical appliance testing, but as of more recent months also covers issues surrounding the Coronavirus. 

An effective Facilities Management team won’t just keep the building running at an acceptable standard, it will constantly upgrade and improve, keeping the premises fresh and technologically up to date through dialogue with the IT department. An effective FM team will not only be ahead of the game at making amendments, it will facilitate suggestions from company staff, making sure their needs come first.


Working with SMC Premier Group

Not all Facilities Management providers are born equal. SMC Premier Group has over 35 years of experience in the field, across a truly diverse range of sectors, from schools and medical sites to commercial offices and manufacturing. No matter your business, SMC will be able to provide a customer-centric approach informed by extensive experience, allowing you to receive a service head and shoulders above that of the competition.

The larger your business grows, the more resources it’ll have to divert to take care of the issues listed above. If you have been fortuitous enough to expand your company in these trying times, help maintain that growth by focussing on your direct business and taking on a Facilities Management team to tackle the rest.

Whether you require a complete package of FM services, or just a little extra help with one aspect – from additional expert cleaning and sanitation support during the pandemic, to keeping on top of the grounds and paintwork, we can help. Contact SMC Premier today for professional and friendly advice on how we might take care of your facility requirements, and nurture a safe and productive work environment for all.

Call our team today on 0161 282 6444 for any questions you may have. We’d be happy to provide a bespoke strategy in regards to how our company can provide the facilities management solutions you’re searching for.