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Our team provide bespoke contract cleaning services for businesses of all sizes across Manchester.

Looking for an office cleaning company in the North West? Whether you’ve just started a business and want to find a trusted, contract cleaning service, or own a number of offices and businesses and require an experienced office cleaning company with a proven track record, our team at SMC Premier would love to help.

Look no further than the friendly team at SMC Premier. Based just outside of Manchester, SMC Premier are a team of cleaners for hire who truly care. Below you’ll find a breakdown of our core services, from contract cleaning across the Manchester area to industrial and warehouse deep-clean services for warehouses and business owners across the North West.

Choosing an office cleaning company can often be a difficult task, and with the amount of cleaning companies across the North West, how do you know you’ve hired the right company for your office? From setting out a unique cleaning specification for your office to providing caretaking and key-holding services for out of office hours cleaning, our team appreciate that as a business owner your time is a valuable commodity – We work around your hours, so that you and your office can carry on working without disruption.

At SMC Premier, our team of experienced office cleaning staff understand that business owners require a cleaning company that won’t get in the way, and will be able to carry out their duties whilst ensuring the on-site business can still work.

Whether you require an early start to your office cleaning, or would prefer that our staff visit your business premises once your team have gone home, we can work around the hours that are the most convenient for you.

Our services

Our range of office cleaning services include, but are not limited to the following aspects of contract cleaning:

Hoovering, mopping and ensuring floors are cleaned to a high standard

including cutlery and pot cleaning, wiping of surfaces, and making sure that the kitchen is a safe environment for staff, free of debris

Corporate & Commercial Security Services

from an external auditor to ensure our staff are providing the highest quality of contract cleaning services for your business

of meeting rooms and open areas, ensuring the office as fresh and thoroughly accessible as possible

Industrial Cleaning Services in Manchester

Health and safety is of top priority no matter the location or type of cleaning services our team provide, with upmost importance placed on following the rules, regulations and safety protocols for cleaning in industrial and manufacturing environments.

From Manchester-based factories around the outskirts of the city, to city-centre manufacturing plants and highly controlled workplaces, our team not only have the extensive experience to handle the most tightly-monitored environments, but also have the necessary qualifications and professional capabilities to get every industrial cleaning job done to the highest of standards.

Whether you’re a factory owner looking for a new cleaning team, or are a Manchester-based manager of a manufacturing plant or office and aren’t satisfied with your current cleaning company, the team at SMC Premier will be more than happy to discuss a bespoke, professional and ultimately reliable cleaning service you and your staff can rely on.

Manchester School, College & University Cleaning Solutions

Our team understood that the needs of each educational institutions are different, and began offering cleaning services that reflected the unique needs of each school, college or university that requested our services.

We’re now the go-to contract cleaning company for schools, colleges and universities across the Manchester area.

From cleaning around set schedules to safety checks and maintenance, schools, colleges and educational institutions across the North West now regularly rely on the team at SMC Premier to deliver timely and professional cleaning services.

For further information on the range of educational intuition cleaning services the team provides in Manchester and the North West, call the team today on  0845 094 4598. 

Bespoke Manchester Cleaning Services you can rely on

From small start-up offices and large branches to industrial cleaning and more, read on to discover why SMC Premier are the go-to choice for cleaning services across the Manchester area.

Business owners across the North West rely on our team at SMC premier for cleaning services of all kinds.

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