Corporate & Commercial Security Services

Corporate & Commercial Security Services

Hiring a dedicated security team, whether for a commercial or corporate business, can be very difficult. Naturally, finding a whole range of different security providers is easy, but discovering one that is trusted and reliable is the tricky part.

Trusted Security Services You Can Rely On

At SMC Premier, we are a facilities management and cleaning agency with access to the best security staff, available for whenever you need them. Offered alongside our concierge and front of house offerings, our team are incredibly proud of the security packages we offer to both small and large businesses across the UK.

Read on to discover the types of services you can expect from a managed security service and the benefits of relying on an outsourced provider for your security needs. If you’d rather speak to a member of our team directly, please call us on 0161 282 6444 at your earliest convenience.

Why choose managed security services?

A managed security provider will take the stress of recruitment, hiring processes, and ultimately the scope of work that your security provider will need to take on. All of our security staff will be introduced your team prior to contract commencement, with a full safety briefing, a health and safety audit, and a facilities tour so that they’re fully aquatinted and informed about your specific location and business before the security services begin.

Whether you define security in your work as a front of house greeter (such as a retail setting), or require a complete security team for a large office block, we have the team and years of experience to put together the type of managed security service that will work for you.

Corporate Security

Our corporate security services largely involve providing managed security contracts to city-centre offices and shared workspaces. With the shared spaces in particular, there’s never been a greater need for security to ensure that only those who need to be in the building (or in the offices), are.

The same can be said for office blocks, and how you can ensure that only those who work or are visiting the building are allowed access. For maximum security, this will usually involve a concierge and a dedicated security detail. However, this setup is not a finite offering from our team. Once you’ve spoken to a member of our team, we will first create an initial security outline, and then a detailed contract to ensure that the types of security you require are involved, and that all bases are covered for your corporate setting.

Ultimately, keeping your business and its staff secure is the primary goal, and it’s something we’ve done time and again for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Security

Shops, stores and retail settings certainly require managed security. This may seem obvious, however it is surprising how often stores (often smaller stores and startup boutiques) will open city-centre stores (or those in busy locations), and not consider a security detail until an incident occurs.

Much like alarms in the home or installing a security camera, it’s often best to arrange a security detail prior to any breach or incident. From retail chains to independent shops, our security team are experienced in a range of retail and commercial settings.

Commercial security services are very similar to that of the corporate security offerings, however generally in a much a smaller space (particularly for independent stores). Get in touch with our team to discuss the must-have services that any commercial business should be considering to stay safe.

Dedicated Office Security

One of our main services at SMC Premier is office cleaning. Over time, or clients have asked us to expand our range of facilities management services, which is where the need for managed security was realised. Our office security services include:

  • 24/7 dedicated security
  • On-site staff
  • Professionals with experience
  • Health and safety trained personnel
  • Bespoke managed contracts
  • Regular liaisons and independent audits

For more information about our security services, or for more about the entire range of facilities management services our agents can provide, please contact our friendly team today.