Educational Cleaning Cloughwood Academy

22cloughwoodacademy_jpg_gallerySMC Premier provide Educational Cleaning Services to Cloughwood Academy.
Cloughwood Academy provide residential care for children by offering emergency, crisis and medium to long term placements, short breaks, and community support. They provide a fostering service and leading educational services for those who do not attend mainstream schools.
SMC use neutral based chemicals and ones with a low PH threshold in order to provide the safest possible materials and equipment on the contract. As part of the contract, we have trained a number of the Trust’s staff in health and safety matters and our Standard Operating Procedures in order for them to understand our working practices and processes.
Our role is to provide a Educational cleaning service to Cloughwood.
Prior to obtaining the contract, SMC had to demonstrate a Educational Cleaning knowledge to the school and provide a number of references and show our ability to work in line with the policies set out by the Academy including: equality, diversity, safeguarding and environmental and Health and Safety practice.
SMC provided a bespoke Educational Cleaning training programmed to our staff in order to ensure they understood the needs of the children and are sensitive and understanding of the environment in which they work in.
The school has a number of autistic children. SMC provides specialist training to our staff in order for them to be aware and able to respond appropriately to a wide range of behavioural activities.
SMC operates a ‘Buddy System’ for our employees whilst working at the Academy in order to protect the welfare and safety of all parties.
SMC carry out enhanced DBS checks on all staff employed by the Company.
SMC Premier Cleaning has worked closely with the school in providing additional services as requested and have supported them with additional and innovative ways such as working with SMC Premier Cleaning’s bespoke CRM Software Cleanlink