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Prison Cleaning Services

Looking for prison cleaning services that you can rely on? Like any specialist cleaning services, prison, whether communal areas or specific cells, require a specialist team… enter our staff at SMC Premier.

With years of cleaning experience, our team have the qualifications and expertise necessary to carry-out bespoke cleaning contracts as part of a managed prison cleaning service. Read on to find our more about what our prison cleaning services entail, or call the team today to discuss a managed contract on 0845 094 4598.

What Does Our Prison Cleaning Service Include?

Our prison cleaning services are split into two service offerings: the cleaning of cells, and the cleaning of communal areas. Keeping both personal and communal areas clean in a prison is not only a vital part of ensuring areas are safe, but regular, deep-cleaning will also prevent the spread of common diseases that can occur following occurrences such as fights and protests.

Aside from commercial cleaning services, we’re proud to have a team that are very experienced in dealing with the cleaning and removal of hazardous waste. In a prison environment this could include blood, body fluids, human waste and general debris.

Our range of cleaning products and safety procedures ensure that both your staff and ours remain safe during the removal and destruction of hazardous waste, and, what’s more, our team can also perform each tasks around your busy schedule.

Prison Cleaning Services​

Hazardous Waste Cleaning & Disinfecting

Our team not only clean waste, but also use specialist treatment products to ensure that all areas are disinfected with non-hazardous cleaning solutions.

And, we ensure the highest quality of cleaning from our team with regular cleaning audits and on-site inspections. From cleaning to time management and safety, we have all aspects of prison cleaning covered.

To discuss the your cleaning needs, please head to the contact form or call the team directly on 0845 094 4598.

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