Waste Management & Shredding Services

Discover secure shredding services from a reputable waste management provider

Waste Management & Shredding Services

Ensuring your business waste is not only shredded to ensure confidentially, but taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner, is not a choice. It’s a duty for all businesses, no matter the size, to dispose of waste properly, and to be environmentally conscious when doing so.

At SMC Premier, we have decades of experience providing managed waste disposal services for businesses of all kinds. Whilst the majority of these services tend to be focused around disposing confidential paper waste for offices, our team also provide much more bespoke services such as clearing waste in hazardous environments and factory settings. Notable waste management services we provide include:


Bespoke confidential waste management solutions

Our team truly cares about the environment, therefore we’re always looking to expand the range of waste management services we can provide to businesses across Manchester, the North West and beyond. If you don’t see the waste disposal solution you’re looking for on this page, please get in touch with our team today on 0161 282 6444; we’d be happy to provide a custom solution to ensure your business waste is disposed of responsibly.


Why dispose of business waste properly?

It’s very easy to think that business waste will take care of itself, or that disposing of waste properly is more of an option than a necessity. This a question we’re often asked, and one we’re happy to provide answers to below:

  • Since the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, there is a duty of care to dispose of waste properly on any business that is involved in waste of any sort (including the handling, creation or disposal of waste).
  • Increasingly, companies are expanding their CSR (corporate social responsibility) programmes, and a core tenant of such as programme is that the business has environmental concern at the forefront of its operations. Disposing of confidential waste properly is just one of the ways to ensure that the duty of care is met.