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Bank Cleaning Services

Whether you’re a bank manager looking to hire a reliable team of cleaners that are both experienced and qualified enough to provide thorough bank cleaning services, or are responsible for multiple branches and need a team to cover several locations, our cleaning team at SMC Premier are here to help.

Our service breakdown is just a small example of the types of services we can provide as a managed cleaning solution. Whether you require our team of cleaning experts for just one of your banks or for multiple branches, we’d be more than happy to put together a bespoke contract for you to take a look at.

All cleaning contracts come with a site manager and independent audits of staff, ensuring that all tasks are monitored and that you’re always getting the highest levels of service.

Bank Cleaning Solutions From a Team of Contract Cleaners

As a team of contract cleaners providing solutions to businesses of all types across the UK, we understand exactly what it takes to not only clean in a commercial setting, but to also put together the type of cleaning package that will ensure your desired location is cleaned to a pristine, professional standard. And whether that’s an office, warehouse, school or bank, every location gets its own bespoke solutions that fits its exact cleaning requirements.

Our services

Our bank cleaning services encompass the type of solutions we provide to businesses both private and customer facing, and involve:

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Cleaning of windows and fixtures

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Carpet cleaning & hoovering

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Removal of debris and waste

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Toilet cleaning services (whether public or staff toilets)

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Dusting of surfaces for customers and staff

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Complete floor cleaning solutions

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