Bus Station Cleaning Services

Looking for bus cleaning services from a reputable cleaning company?

At SMC Premier, we’re constantly growing the types of cleaning services from our team of cleaning staff. As a cleaning agency, we’re able to be as flexible and ad-hoc as your cleaning needs require, and when dealing with large, busy locations such as bus depots the ability to be flexible with cleaning contracts is a necessity!

Our bus cleaning services can either be for one bus, a fleet of buses, or even for a full depot (including deep-cleaning of the depot, and not just the buses within). With many of our cleaners having a cleaning background in busy industrial environments, we understand how to clean around a busy business, so that our services are not slowing you and your staff down.

When it comes to cleaning bus depots, we begin with a detailed safety audit and cleaning assessment from a dedicated site manager, who will brief both our team of cleaners and your staff regarding requirements on both sides. We then discuss timings and the cleaning services you require, with a contract built around causing the least amount if disruption to your services.

Managed Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves on the ability to work in a range of busy environments, and the capacity to provide exactly the amount of cleaners you require for a managed cleaning service.

All of our staff are health and safety trained, and use cleaning agents which are non-toxic, specifically developed to be long-lasting and fast-acting (tackling even the most aggressive of dirt and debris).

For more information on the range of cleaning services we provide, or to specifically discuss bus cleaning services, contact our team directly or call today on 0845 094 4598.

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